Adriana Becerra

Name: Adriana Becerra

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA via Guadalajara, México

Job: Exec Director of Digital Media at FOX Networks

Fondest Memory: Climbing Machu Picchu, Peru, dancing in the streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval, "trying" to surf in Surfers Paradise, Australia, listening to chanting on the steps of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, enjoying a warm croissant at the Musée d'Orsay coffee shop in Paris, etc... all motivations to find cure for cancer & make sure everyone gets a chance to have HEALTHY TRAVELS!

Soundtrack: MANÁ!

Retreat: the sand...

Wildest Dream: to find a cure for cancer
to travel the world
to enjoy every sunset
and for Mexico to win the World Cup #fútbol HA!

Proudest Moment: Operation Turkey Day! I've been lucky enough to help serve sicky kiddos and their beautiful families some GOBBLE LOVE at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital for the last 5 years and this day, by far, has become one of the best experiences I've ever ever ever had!

Biggest Challenge: meditation...
sitting still...
knowing that I can't do it all but that every little bit counts...

Perfect Day: wake up
meditate (or try to...)
walk pup / workout
do something for others
enjoy a glass of wine with loves

Last Purchase: un cafecito...

Movie: Pitch Perfect!!!!

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because AMOR is the answer! Because everyone knows someone affected by this horrible disease! Because I can and am willing to help in any way! Because Matt & Nathaniel are badassery <---yes, its a word!