Amy Nurthen

Name: Amy Nurthen

Location: Currumbin, Queensland

Job: Production Assistant, Kozii Swimwear

Fondest Memory: Travelling around Europe with my sister. Meeting amazing people, creating beautiful memories we will never forget and learning life lessons.

Soundtrack: Vance Joy and Major Lazor

Retreat: The Beach, the Ocean is so refreshing

Wildest Dream: To never have a base. To work while I travel.Taking one step at a time, country by country, city by city.

Proudest Moment: Winning my first professional Ironwomen Round at Portsea Beach, Victoria when I was 18 years old.

Biggest Challenge: Backing myself with confidence.

Perfect Day: A Little sleep in. Coffee and an Acai Bowl. Surf with family and friends.

Last Purchase: Adidas Originals

Movie: Step Brothers

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because no one should have to fight and deal with cancer. All kids deserve to have the chance to live the life they want and follow the dreams they have. I want to be apart of the support The Young and Brave give to the Kids.