André Jamerson

Name: André Jamerson

Location: Ventura, CA

Job: Big kid. Wanderlust. Pediatric ICU nurse.

Fondest Memory: Those times you laugh so hard that you cry, those are my favorite.

Soundtrack: Amy Winehouse - "Frank" // Jay-Z - "MTV Unplugged"

Retreat: Anywhere working with kids... Their energy, enthusiasm, and innocence give me LIFE.

Wildest Dream: To travel the world with my wife, kids, and closest friends/family, giving back and doing good all over this planet.

Proudest Moment: Knowing ALL that my mom had sacrificed as a single parent to get us, her three kids, through college. So proud, so grateful, so blessed.

Biggest Challenge: Myself. I am my own toughest obstacle and harshest critic.

Perfect Day: Waking up slowly with her. Working out. Getting lost. Spending time with friends and family. And LOTS of food and music intertwined. THAT is a perfect day, to me.

Last Purchase: Peanut Butter Twix & Gummi Bears

Movie: How To Train Your Dragon // Friday

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because, with ALL of my heart and soul, I sincerely believe in LOVE and the power that it has to carry someone through their toughest journeys... NOBODY should have to stand alone fighting such an ugly disease.