Ashley Brewer

Name: Ashley Brewer

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job: ABC sports anchor and reporter

Fondest Memory: Summers spent on Coronado Island with my family as a child. To me, family is everything. I'm one of five kids who are all best friends. We were raised to believe that if we had nothing in the world, but we had each other, we would be ok. I still believe that today. The friendship with my siblings, as well as my parents, began playing together at the beach from sunrise to sundown. We were carefree, probably a nightmare for my parents to deal with, but grew to really enjoy and love each other during those young days.

Soundtrack: Beatles

Retreat: My parents house!

Wildest Dream: This probably sounds odd, but I don't really know. People ask me all the time, is your life goal to be on ESPN?! I mean, that would be pretty cool, but I don't really care if that's where the pinnacle of my career will be. I've seen what God has done in my life and that he's taken me down a road I NEVER thought I would be. If I couldn't imagine this 3 years ago, who knows where I'll be in 2025?! As much as I want to work to achieve success in my career, I want my career to be all about impacting others. I love God, and I love people. That's as simple as my life is, that's my life mission. I do hope to have a family some day, which is a dream of mine... but really hope that my life is about loving others.

Proudest Moment: Qualifying for Olympic Trials in 2012, only because it was a physical goal I really focused on for a few years leading up to the meet. I wrote the time on my mirror, would think about it every day during training. After failing to meet the standard so many times, I just remember the relief and pride I felt knowing all the sacrifices I made and time spent training had actually paid off.

Biggest Challenge: My biggest challenge has been accepting that I can't "win 'em all." As an athlete growing up, I've been taught by my parents and coaches to strive for perfection and success in everything I do. I put a lot of pressure on myself from the time I began swimming at 5 years old, through high school, college, and still today in my career as a sportscaster. Through a lot of success and a LOT of failure, I've learned that I can't be perfect. Not every is going to love me... I will mess up live on air, some days I will stink. I continually have to remind myself that I just have to do the best I can, whether it's in jobs, relationships, etc.

Perfect Day: Sundays are my favorite day of the week. It would be a Sunday where I could sleep in until 9, wake up and have coffee with my mom. Go to church with my entire family, followed by an afternoon on the beach. Then a big dinner at home with family and friends and watch a game or movie together. Oh, and a run to Manhattan Creamery to get ice cream and bags of candy. Heaven!

Last Purchase: I bought a dress before a work event a few days ago. The seam in the back completely split up to expose EVERYTHING on the way to the event, so yeah, money not well spent.

Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: As I said before, I want to serve others and love others. For years, I have seen the Young and Brave foundation pop up all over my social media. After seeing pictures of volunteers, cancer patients with so much joy because of what the foundation had done for them, I was so intrigued. I've always had a spot in my heart for children who don't get to experience what I have experienced: health. Every child deserves a carefree, happy childhood full of friends, sports, laughter. It absolutely breaks my heart to see children robbed of that because of cancer. My goal is to bring light into as many lives as possible and I feel that is exactly what Young and Brave is doing, and will continue to do.