Charissa Thompson

Name: Charissa Thompson

Location: Venice California

Job: TV Host / Sports Reporter

Fondest Memory: I have so many .. its hard to chose just one. As a child I remember playing basketball and traveling with my AAU teams and the friendships I forged and obviously my crazy handles on the court were a highlight... for spectators!

As an adult my job has allowed to see and meet so many amazing things and people. Standing on the field during the 2008 Superbowl and watching Tom Brady walk off the field after the amazing Giants victory.. the David Tyree catch. Working the Oscars this past year. So many amazing moments my job has afforded me.

Personally memories that stand out the most are sitting with family and friends at my parents beach house and listening to country music by the fire and drinking red wine!! my favorite moments reside amongst friends and family.

Soundtrack: Lionel Ritchie !!! Lenny Kravitz.. David Nail.. Rascal Flatts.. Michael Jackson

Retreat: The Beach or home to Seattle or my house is very relaxing

Wildest Dream: wow. so many things.. but honestly even if it seems impossible..peace and no babies ever getting sick. breaks my heart to see lil kids sick or hurt.

Proudest Moment: Helping sick babies. When I volunteer at the hospital it gives me such a sense of purpose.

Biggest Challenge: Trying to do too many things at once. Finding more hours in the day. Limited with two jobs... its hard. but its worth it.. I think

Perfect Day: Wake up
Meet up with friends or family .. a glass of wine music and a fire anywhere by the water (ocean, lake)

Last Purchase: a new laptop

Movie: Christmas Vacation, Meet the Parents

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because I believe in what they are all about.. Matt (if you're reading this) I support your cause, appreciate your passion and you go about it all the right way. Authentically and anything
i can do to help... I will.