Chris Hotchkiss

Name: Chris Hotchkiss

Location: Ventura, CA

Job: Roofing Contractor

Fondest Memory: I can't choose just one! Camping at Santa Cruz Island with my close friends. The trip to Monterey that my Mom took me on when I was a kid. Exploring Utah with my Dad. Taking my folks to Maui. Having the honor of officiating my best friend's wedding, and Costa Rica!

Soundtrack: Waylon Jennings, Ray LaMontange, Gary Clark Jr.

Retreat: I dive into music and walk to the pier.

Wildest Dream: To live a positive life and help people.
And meet Vin Scully!

Proudest Moment: When my good friend asked me to be the Godfather of his two daughters.

Biggest Challenge: Overcoming and not fearing change.

Perfect Day: Relaxing in Costa Rica with good friends at The Backyard!

Last Purchase: Pizza!

Movie: A Bronx Tale

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I saw people that needed help and I want to help them.