Corey Harper

Name: Corey Harper

Location: Venice, California

Job: Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Fondest Memory: learning how to play the guitar

Soundtrack: Paradise Valley - John Mayer

Retreat: the mountains. preferably Mt. Hood

Wildest Dream: Build my own cabin up in the coastal mountains of Oregon complete with a black lab, and maybe a wife if I get lucky haha

Proudest Moment: Finishing high school and getting on a one way flight to Australia

Biggest Challenge: learning how to accept and deal with problems/situations that are not in my own control.

Perfect Day: Waking up to a snowstorm on Mt. Hood, and getting the best runs of my life with my best friends. Then driving two hours to the coast and getting waves with those same friends. Then at the end of the day netflix and chill.

Last Purchase: aloe vera water

Movie: anything with heath ledger

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: The Young and Brave foundation is something I believe in and want to represent everyday. Dealing with cancer is definitely not easy, but having a team like YB behind it can make someone's journey so much more positive and up lifting. That's something I want to be apart of!