Crista Maldonado

Name: Crista Maldonado

Location: City of Angels

Job: Cofounder of ChangeBowl & Red Bear Creative Agency

Fondest Memory: Anything that involves my parents and laughter.

Soundtrack: Michael Jackson - Thriller

Retreat: La Playa

Wildest Dream: To leave this place significantly better than I found it.

Proudest Moment: The best is yet to come. Stay tuned...

Biggest Challenge: Finding enough hours in the day, not eating the whole box of Thin Mints, and using the word "fleek" in a sentence without sounding ridiculous.

Perfect Day: Everyday is pretty darn perfect.

Last Purchase: Green juice and a copy of The Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Movie: Coming to America & Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because love beats cancer, and love is the best thing we do.