Dominic DiSaia

Name: Dominic DiSaia

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job: Photographer. Director. Kid At Heart

Soundtrack: Radiohead. Alexi Murdoch. Childish Gambino.

Retreat: Movie Theatre. Ocean. Hang with my nephews.

Wildest Dream: To take my last breathe with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

Proudest Moment: Being asked by the Bodden family to be a pallbearer at Luc's funeral.

Biggest Challenge: Keeping perspective. Staying positive. Practicing mindfulness. It's a daily battle for me.

Perfect Day: A perfect day for me is when I successfully separate the noise from the nectar of life. I am able to be present and appreciate all the things I often take for granted. This usually happens when I am with my nephews or helping someone in need.

Last Purchase: NY Knicks Stance Socks and a unicorn mask

Movie: Big Lebowski. Man of Wire (the documentary).

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I learned about The Young and Brave thru Warrior Logan Nobriga. I spent a lot of time with him and his mom during his second fight against Leukemia. I saw first hand how draining both emotionally and financially the battle can be for the Warriors and his/her family. I witnessed the unbelievable support Young and Brave supplied to Logan and his Mom, both financially and emotionally. I loved the straight forward approach of the foundation. I love how involved on a granular level the foundation is in making real change for real people. I love the grassroots vibe that shines thru. I love the way it feels to give to others. I love the concept of community and picking up those who are down. I love kids and their innocence. I love the message of LOVE BEATS CANCER. I LOVE Logan Nobriga & Luc Bodden. I miss Luc and smile when I think how great Logan is doing. I LOVE The Young and Brave.