Eric Kane

Name: Eric Kane

Location: Hoboken, NJ

Job: Product Designer & Developer

Fondest Memory: Marrying my wife - a survivor, Elizabeth.

Soundtrack: Leon Bridges - Coming Home

Retreat: The Shore

Wildest Dream: My dream is to build a platform that makes it really easy to raise support for organizations like The Young and Brave.

Proudest Moment: Being involved with Operation Turkey Day at New York Presbyterian. It is heart warming to witness the joy a young child feels when others show they care.

Biggest Challenge: Being patient

Perfect Day: Wake up early, have coffee and breakfast with my wife before jumping on a bike and cruising up to the beach. Go for a run along the water and cool off in the sea. After a few hours hanging with our friends we would head back to the house for lunch and play with our niece & nephew. Relax until dinner time and end the night sitting outside by the fire.

Last Purchase: Pizza

Movie: The Goonies

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Everyone, everywhere knows someone who has battled or is battling cancer. The Young and Brave provides hope, determination, and optimism to those warriors during their fight. It is a network of like-minded individuals spanned across the globe and I'm proud to be apart it.