Erik Wilde

Name: Erik Wilde

Location: Ojai, CA

Job: Real Estate

Fondest Memory: My kids of course! And a day at Faria in 2006 when it was perfect and not crowded.

Soundtrack: Prob soundtrack to Good Times (memories)

Retreat: Hawaii with my family

Wildest Dream: For my kids to grow up and be amazing and happy people!

Proudest Moment: Being a dad, no question.

Biggest Challenge: Making sure I raise my kids right, and support them no matter what.

Perfect Day: Spending time with my family at the beach on a warm fall day, good surf, and college football on.

Last Purchase: Food at Trader Joe's

Movie: Probably a Jim Carrey movie

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: If I can support and contribute something to help fight cancer and help put a smile on someone's face then sign me up!