Geoffrey Ravenhill

Name: Geoffrey Ravenhill

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Job: Board Member - The Young & Brave Foundation

Fondest Memory: Born and raised in the Ivory Coast, West Africa and spending every weekend at the beach with my family.

Soundtrack: Burgh Island / Ben Howard, Troubadour / K'naan, Black on Both Sides / Mos Def

Retreat: Ocean

Wildest Dream: Love fully, give grace unquestioningly, help always, make new friends, keep old friends, share everything, go for no regrets, live completely, be gentle & strong, consider others, realize that I know very little, love always!

Perfect Day: Sunrise, bible, guitar, beach, surf, amigos, breakfast burrito, surf, sunshine, family, party waves, fish tacos, nap in hammock, surf, swell, evening glass off, bbq, new friends, old friends, sunset, full moon, bonfire, surf, camping.

Last Purchase: Fish tacos

Movie: The Last of the Mohicans

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Cancer SUCKS! I want to help kick its ass!