Jared Dayne Wilson

Name: Jared Dayne Wilson

Location: Ventura, Ca

Job: Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Fondest Memory: Any time spent with family, being on the basketball court with teammates, and really any quality time spent with friends

Soundtrack: J. Cole - Cole World: Sideline Story

Retreat: The gym

Wildest Dream: To travel the world with my best friend

Proudest Moment: Getting a scholarship to play college basketball

Biggest Challenge: Letting go of one dream and pursing a new one

Perfect Day: Starting the day off with a homemade breakfast with a cup of coffee, proceed to the gym for an hour or so, then proceed to hanging out with friends and family for a nice relaxing day

Last Purchase: Corn Burritos

Movie: Four Brothers

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Every kid deserves the opportunity to live this amazing life we are given. With what I have been given I want to give back two times and thats why I am here at the Young & Brave Foundation.