Jess Ceresino

Name: Jess Ceresino

Location: Dallas

Job: Publisher

Fondest Memory: I'm sure everyone says this, but I have so many. I think my all-time favorite memory that stands out is winning State Cup when I was 13. It was pouring rain, we beat our arch rival and I will never forget singing "We are the champions" in the bathroom (it was the only shelter) after we won. When we were 13, State Cup was the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Seems small now, but it's my favorite memory that I shared with family and my teammates.

Soundtrack: I am the worst when it comes to music, but I'm not sure anyone will ever beat Adele to me.

Retreat: Well in my normal life, I go to the gym or take an hour to read a good book but as far as travel goes, Palm Springs and Aspen will always be super healing to me.

Wildest Dream: To be happy every day and help people. I don't care how, but I want to help make people smile and feel good. Life can be hard and I always want to be a friend to everyone. Oh and if I could magically get the gift of singing, that would be pretty cool!

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was speaking at my Grandfather's funeral. He was a humble and soft-spoken man. As I stood up at the podium to read, I was literally stunned at the amount of people who showed up. I was so proud to be a Ceresino in that moment and so proud of my family.

Biggest Challenge: Myself. Isn't that everyone's? I get in my head and have to keep my mind quiet otherwise I can get in my own way A LOT!

Perfect Day: Wake up, go to my favorite workout class, walk Stan (my French Bulldog), record a podcast, host a late lunch for friends (I love cooking), take a nap, movie and pizza with a glass of wine and in bed by 9.

Last Purchase: New running shoes, but before that I bought killer heels, I'm on a shoe kick I guess.

Movie: SO HARD but the one movie I can watch a million times is Rudy. And I cry every time.

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I believe in something bigger than me and when I saw the Young & Brave Foundation on social media a few years ago now, I just felt connected. I'm a Southern California kid and the whole vibe of the Foundation felt so fresh and different than the ones I grew up around with my parents. This felt like a cause that would probably affect me even though I wouldn't want it to. Sure enough a friend was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and she was just 30. Cancer is a disease that I simply don't like and I really believe with the Foundation's phrase: Love beats cancer. The main goal of my business is to be a fun, safe, happy place for people and to be a friend if someone needs one. If I can help bring a smile, or bring Thanksgiving dinner to a family spending it at the hospital, or bring awareness to this foundation, I feel lucky to do so.