Jonathan Albrecht

Name: Jonathan Albrecht

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Job: Director of Operations, Orangetheory Fitness // Director of Black Ops., Electric Flight Crew

Fondest Memory: The day I graduated University. My grandma flew out from New York and her being there meant the world to me. It was the perfect day.

Soundtrack: N.E.R.D. - In Search Of...

Retreat: My parents house to see my dogs. Everything that seems to stress me out or bring me down kind of just evaporates away when I see my dogs.

Wildest Dream: That our generation changes the game. That love wins.

Proudest Moment: Quitting a job that didn't bring me happiness and finding a career that did.

Biggest Challenge: Practicing compassion in every situation.

Perfect Day: Trail run and beach day with my dog Brooklyn.

Last Purchase: A backpack from lululemon.

Movie: The Bourne Identity

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because love and compassion can change the way people view a situation no matter how challenging the circumstance - and that's what the Young & Brave Foundation promote and support. And I can always get down with that.

Love always wins.