Karlee Nurthen

Name: Karlee Nurthen

Location: Palm Beach

Job: Waitress

Fondest Memory: Back in the day in the backyard pool with my pop throwing me and my older sister around, stand up comps and having races to the end.

Soundtrack: Miley Cyrus because she's a complete legend, DJ Tigerlilly and Major Lazer.

Retreat: I put my iPod in my ears blast some Dj Tigerlilly or Kanye and just lay there. Before every hard session I need a serious jam either in the house or in the car before I get there haha. Gets my heart pumping and wakes me up a bit.

Wildest Dream: My wildest dream is to travel every single day of my life. Traveling with my sister has made me realise how big and beautiful the world is and how much there is to see and experience.
My wish is for sage erickson to follow me on Instagram ;) And to swim in a pool of chocolate. Yummmmm.
Oh and to be a DJ for a night. I would legitimately loose my mind. (And not just at a club. Like at a huge festival. Aka tomorrowland) ;)

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was when I found out I made the Nutrigrain ironwomen series. Seeing my coaches and dads face when they told me was something I could never forget. Was a proud moment. Felt like I had finally achieved the emotional and physical levels you need to overcome to become a successful athlete.

Biggest Challenge: My biggest challenge is nerves. When racing my nerves get the better of me and have a massive effect on the outcome.

Perfect Day: Hmmm perfect day.
Wake up for an early surf. (Perfect waves like Balian) come home to my mums famous chocolate chip pancakes.
A nice nap while lying in the sun in my beautiful KoZii swimwear.
Currumbin family lunch. Get all the boys and chicks over for a typical Aussie bbq. Then to finish it off a couple of drinks watching the sunset on the beach.

Last Purchase: Spanking new all white Adidas shoes. Love love love.

Movie: I'm like a little kid. Love a good cartoon movie. Big hero 6, Tarzan. Oh and 21 and 22 jump street. I think that movie gets funnier every time I watch it.

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: These young kids shouldn't be stuck in hospital rooms. They should be exploring the beautiful world we live in. Living a happy healthy and loving life. And I love that the Young and Brave make such an impact to make all of that a possibility