Karleen Wray

Name: Karleen Wray

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job: Child Life Specialist, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA

Fondest Memory: My fondest memory is hang gliding off the cliffs of Brazil. That feeling of flying over the ocean is something I will never forget.

Soundtrack: Adele!

Retreat: Anywhere with sunshine and sand

Wildest Dream: My wish is to create programming to better serve children with special needs in the health care setting. I think there is great room for improvement in how we provide care to this special group of patients and their families.

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was getting hired at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. I went to UCLA undergrad and have always been a Bruin at heart. Coming back to this amazing community to help children in the hospital is truly a dream come true.

Biggest Challenge: My biggest challenge is serving children and families in such difficult times in their lives. I am so honored to be able help families in crisis, but it can be emotionally challenging.

Perfect Day: My perfect day involves a latte, a lot of fresh air, and puppies! Really just the puppies would suffice.

Last Purchase: Coffee... it's almost always coffee

Movie: Miracle

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I feel so lucky to be able to collaborate with the Young & Brave Foundation to support so many families at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. They generously host Operation Turkey Day, serving Thanksgiving dinner to over 100 patients and family members every year. The leaders of the foundation and their dedicated volunteers have a way of connecting with our families that is truly special. I'm grateful for all we have done together to help kids and families in need and cannot wait for more collaboration in the future!