Kimmy Fasani

Name: Kimmy Fasani

Location: Mammoth Lakes

Job: Professional Snowboarder

Fondest Memory: I have so many fond memories running through the mountains. Each day that I spend outside I am growing and learning.

Retreat: I recharge by spending time in nature. The mountains give me the biggest peace of mind.

Wildest Dream: My wildest dream has always been to be a professional snowboarder... therefore, I'm living my dream.

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was in January of 2017 when I won Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboarding Magazine's Award for Women's Rider of the Year. Not only was this an incredible accomplishment, I was able to share and dedicate the award to my mom- who passed away only a few weeks later from Cancer. My mom was the one who introduced me to the mountains and encouraged me to chase my dream of being a professional snowboarder, so sharing this accolade with her brought everything full circle. Seeing my mom's excitement and joy was something I will always cherish.

Biggest Challenge: My biggest challenge is letting people help me. I am a very independent person and think I can do "everything" on my own. I am very grateful for my husband, Chris Benchetler (a pro skier) for always making me realize that doing things as a team makes the load a lot lighter for everyone.

Perfect Day: My perfect summer day would start at sunrise. I would be a couple miles into a hike in the mountains using a headlamp. As soon as the sun started coming up I would gear up to climb up a peak. I would spend the day using all my energy to make it to the top. I would head back home at sunset. My perfect winter day would also start at sunrise. I would gear up for a splitboarding adventure on a beautiful blue bird powder day. After making my way through the mountains, my friends and I would get to snowboard waist deep powder back to the car.

Last Purchase: Organic Raspberries, blueberries, and watermelon

Movie: Elf with Will Ferrell

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I am proud to be part of the Young & Brave Foundation because I have lost both of my parents to cancer. At 33 years old, I have seen first hand what the disease can do to a family and to the individuals going through it. I am passionate about helping others stay strong, positive, and hope to help them fight through what my be the biggest and most life changing experiences that they may ever have. My hope is to bring families to the mountains and out into nature for a small escape and peace of mind.