Lauren Nevins-Fink

Name: Lauren Nevins-Fink

Location: Ventura, CA

Job: Nurse

Fondest Memory: Backpacking, kayaking, ice climbing, and white water rafting in Alaska with my dad, husband, and sister in law

Soundtrack: Coldplay

Retreat: On a Run

Wildest Dream: Wish- To someday have a family and never stop laughing

Proudest Moment: Becoming an RN

Biggest Challenge: Patience. Slowing down to fully appreciate and absorb life around me

Perfect Day: A beach day with family and friends, good food and delicious beverages, some stand up paddle boarding, and view of the islands

Last Purchase: A bunch of goodness from farmers market

Movie: The Proposal

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because kids shouldn't be spending their childhood in a hospital