Lita Lewis

Name: Lita Lewis

Location: Los Angeles

Job: Health & Fitness personality, Personal Trainer

Fondest Memory: It was common practice for my family to host big family cookouts for no reason, I loved everything about them. Spending time with all my cousins, eating together, roasting somebody and laughing uncontrollably and listening to our grandparents reminisce and share stories about our culture and people.

Soundtrack: Choose Your Weapon/Hiatus Kaiyote

Retreat: Outdoors; somewhere green and lush

Wildest Dream: To create a legacy in this lifetime that reflects pure goodness; inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves

Proudest Moment: Watching my baby sister graduate university at the top of her class

Biggest Challenge: Living my own truth on a insistent basis

Perfect Day: Waking up from a great night sleep
Doing something activity followed by a breakfast fit for a king!
Connecting with like minded people either for work or leisure
Finding time to read, meditate and be still
Eating whole, delicious foods throughout the day
and speaking/facetiming with my family

Last Purchase: Kangen water

Movie: Waiting To Exhale

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I want to connect with awesome individuals that are passionate about a great cause!