Matt Coulter

Name: Matt Coulter

Location: Ventura, CA

Job: Co-Founder/Executive Director of The Young and Brave

Fondest Memory: On the tennis courts with my dad, swimming laps in the pool with my mom, talking to my Stepmom (she always has the best advice) and pretty much any time spent with my sisters.

Soundtrack: The Black Album - Jay-Z

Retreat: Ocean

Wildest Dream: To wander but not be lost.

Proudest Moment: Getting to marry my sister and her husband.

Biggest Challenge: Patience

Perfect Day: Beach Day

Last Purchase: A toothbrush

Movie: Beverly Hills Cop 1

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because I've made a lot of money, lost even more and I finally realized it just doesn't matter. All the memories I cherish are from when I helped someone that could offer me nothing in return. I'd rather spend my time chasing those moments.