Mikey Taylor

Name: Mikey Taylor

Location: Newbury Park, CA

Job: Pro Skateboarder

Fondest Memory: The birth of my daughter #gamechanger

Soundtrack: High Violet The National

Retreat: The beach

Wildest Dream: I once wanted to buy a neighborhood block and have it gated off. Then move all my friends in to the house and have the ultimate street. The block parties would be all time. Now that I'm married and alittle older.... I don't think that would fly!

Proudest Moment: The day I became a father!

Biggest Challenge: I need more time in a day. 24 hours just isn't cutting it.

Perfect Day: Wake up and surf in the AM. Breakfast at Side Street Cafe. Go skate. Come home and hang with the family. Pretty much every day of my life. #verythankful

Last Purchase: iPhone 5s

Movie: Titanic

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Because it's all about helping people!