Morgan Beau

Name: Morgan Beau

Location: Los Angeles

Job: Morgan Beau | Co-Founder Beau & Arrow, LLC. Social Media | Creative Agency

Fondest Memory: When I got the chance to visit the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City. Eddie and his foundation are incredible, along with all of the beautiful animals he saves.

Soundtrack: Too many! However I've always loved Spice Girls and Adele.

Retreat: Corepower Yoga

Wildest Dream: To start rock climbing in beautiful places all over the world.

Proudest Moment: Going with my best friend of 10 years to meet with the President of Warner Brother Records.

Biggest Challenge: All things that have to do with keeping track of finances. :/

Perfect Day: Waking up by the ocean and rock climbing cliffs above the sea. Then getting sushi and good cocktails with my favorite people.

Last Purchase: Parking at Corepower Yoga

Movie: Finding Nemo

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: 1. Because I love it's founders.
2. I feel like I'm missing something in my life and one of the things the universe keeps pointing me toward is the Y&B.
3. They are small, but mighty and have already done such incredible things.
4. The founders inspire me to go for what I love and believe in, no matter what.
5. Cancer is serious and it's affected those I care about.
6. I love their brand and the events they put on already!
7. I could go on forever....