Renee Bargh

Name: Renee Bargh

Location: Los Angeles

Job: Extra tv daily correspondent and weekend show co-host

Fondest Memory: Just one?! Ha okay I would have to say one of the vacations I took with my family as a kid. We spent some time trekking in the Himalayas and staying in the villages. Meeting the local children, seeing how they lived and hearing their stories was life changing.

Soundtrack: this is a tough one, I'm obsessed with music. All time would probably be Tracy Chapman or Michael Jacksons 'Thriller' album.

Retreat: yoga or the beach. The ocean always calms and revitalizes me

Wildest Dream: To travel the world, meet people from all walks of life, to love greatly and inspire someone.

Proudest Moment: I would have to say moving to LA on my own and landing my job at Extra tv.- then winning an Emmy alongside my Extra tv crew last year was pretty cool too :)

Biggest Challenge: indecisiveness

Perfect Day: watching the sunrise over the ocean, followed by yoga, surfing, and finishing it off dancing & laughing with friends and cocktails..

Last Purchase: a candle. I'm a candle hoarder....

Movie: the Intouchables

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: because love conquers all. I feel a great sense of purpose when I can help someone or make their life just a tiny bit easier. A smile from a stranger can change your day....