Ryan Underlin

Name: Ryan Underlin

Location: Ventura

Job: Bar Manager aka Tito's soda extra lime creator

Fondest Memory: Family road trips as a child with my parents and sister. Whether it be listening to the same stories from my dad on the 395, staying up late with my mom at Nacimiento, or freezing my buns off with my sister in Joshua Tree. I will always cherish all of those adventures.

Soundtrack: Singles by Future Islands

Retreat: Seaglass hunting with Aura the Pup.

Wildest Dream: Quit my job, turn my phone off, sell everything and then sail around the world.

Proudest Moment: When my parents look at me and I can tell they are proud of the type of adult I have become.

Biggest Challenge: Meeting my own expectations of myself.

Perfect Day: Morning surf with just the boys, followed by a full blown beach day with all the friends and family. Throw in some horseshoes, spikeball, couple tecates, and some more waves. Finish it off with an ole fashion bbq back at the house with everybody. As long as their is laughter and sun it usually turns out perfect.

Last Purchase: Sausage Mcmuffin, Ice Coffee, and Two Hashbrowns

Movie: How To Train A Dragon

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I believe in what Matt and Nathaniel have started, and I truly believe that Love will ALWAYS win. Nobody deserves to get cancer but especially not kids. Young and Brave gives me the outlet to help those that have been effected by this horrible disease.