Sarah Hagen

Name: Sarah Hagen

Location: Prairie Village, KS

Job: Professional Soccer Player for FC Kansas City

Fondest Memory: Winning the German Cup in 2012 vs. Frankfurt and scoring the winning goal. My parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle and two cousins were there to see.

Soundtrack: Country: Eric Church or Brett Eldridge. Hip/Hop/Rap: Beyoncé, Miguel, Taylor Swift

Retreat: Anywhere that I can do some art.

Wildest Dream: I would love to play in a World Cup or Olympics some day for the women's national team.

Proudest Moment: Overcoming cancer in 2005.

Biggest Challenge: Being the best that I can be in both soccer and in life.

Perfect Day: Waking up to a home cooked breakfast with some coffee. Soccer practice that involves finishing of course. Then a nice massage to get the body recovered. Maybe some time for some art, reading or laying by a pool or beach. Dinner with friends or family and probably a little ice cream for dessert!

Last Purchase: Probably some sort of food...

Movie: Despicable Me 1&2. I love the minions and Steve Carell is one of my favorite actors.

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I heard about the Young & Brave Foundation through a friend in soccer and she felt so strongly about this foundation because of the way it is managed. After seeing the stories that are shared by the foundation and talking with the founders themselves, I feel they run the foundation in a way tht celebrates the successes that people have had to overcome, no matter how big or little.