Shannon Decker

Name: Shannon Decker

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Model

Fondest Memory: I like it when my family is all together. I remember one time we were all home and my dad made my brothers, sister and I do yard work together with him and my mom. We were all sweaty, and dirty and worked for hours. At sunset, my mom went in and got us all cold sodas and beer. It was the simplest moment, but it I was so happy, content and proud of all of our hard work.

Soundtrack: I'm a big hip-hop fan. So anytime Kanye or Drake have a new album, they inevitably end up on repeat.

Retreat: Sweat!

Wildest Dream: Ha! These days it's wild to just want all the people I care about the most to be happy and healthy the rest of our lives! AND, I want to be able to continue to have a growing career in the fitness industry.

Proudest Moment: I was so proud when I sold out my first indoor cycling class last year.

Biggest Challenge: I always want to do EVERYTHING! I have to make myself say no to things and focus on one project or job at a time.

Perfect Day: Sunrise to sunset, exercise, shopping and lots of good food! But I'm not being cheesy when I say I have my perfect day very often in LA! I feel so blessed every single day, and I love what I do for work. AND We have everything someone could ever want in this city!

Last Purchase: A "Thera gun" for massaging my sore muscles and a pizza w/ extra jalapeños. It was a wild night

Movie: It changed this year lol! Get Out was genius...

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I've watched Matt work with passion, focus and commitment for years and I am so proud to be a part of his vision. Kids and exercise are two of my favorite things. I like that when I lend my time to the foundation, I know it's directly helping a family in need.