Thania Peck

Name: Thania Peck

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job: Model & Fashion Blogger

Fondest Memory: My fondest memory was attending the FIFA World Cup of Soccer in my home country of South Africa with all my cousins. That was one of the most magical experiences.

Soundtrack: I cover music on the blog. Here is a link my favorites from Coachella

Retreat: My parents home the in San Diego countryside.

Wildest Dream: My wildest dream is to have a positivity and creative movement trend among our youth. Good humans are a stronger force in the world. I'm trying be the change I'd like to see in others.

Proudest Moment: As of recent, my proudest moments have been when brands in fashion understand my creative vision and positive voice. I did a neat piece with Joe's Jeans. I was honored and humbled to be on a list of women whose stories also inspired me.

Biggest Challenge: Time is a big challenge. I want to do so much and time keeps going by so fast. So, now I'm waking up earlier to see if I can accomplish more.

Perfect Day: My perfect day is spent coming up with creative projects with my friends from start to finish. Then, linking in The Young and Brave on the project!

Last Purchase: I vintage camera strap for my new Song camera.

Movie: The Diana Vreeland documentry The Eye Has to Travel.

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I've known Nathaniel for years and met Matt recently at an event we did. Both of them are awesome humans. I believe in their vision and want to do whatever I can to help raise awareness and money for all these soldiers who are so inspiring.