Tyler Knott Gregson

Name: Tyler Knott Gregson

Location: Helena, MT

Job: Poet. Photographer. Author.

Fondest Memory: I have too many to count, and they keep happening, but some memories do stand out taller than the rest. One was being knee deep in the Tasman Sea off the coast of New Zealand, watching 4 adult killer whales and one baby swim 10 feet from me after they chased me to shore while surfing. I remember the rain, the fog, the salt, and the feeling that I'd never be more alive.

Soundtrack: Gregory Alan Isakov

Retreat: The mountains behind my home. Miles and miles and miles of nothing.

Wildest Dream: To have the ability to meet as many rad people as possible all over the globe. To use whatever I have to help however many people as I can.

Proudest Moment: Hearing from people that my work had any kind of an impact on their lives...getting to see it in real life, that even words can make a difference.

Biggest Challenge: My brain never quiets down, it's a constant challenge to sift through all the noise.

Perfect Day: Wake up early next to someone I love, in a city somewhere I've never been, cup of green tea and an entire day to explore and get completely lost.

Last Purchase: Peanut Butter Puffins Cereal

Movie: Joe Vs. the Volcano

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: Cancer is a monster that everyone has battled in some way or another, and Young & Brave is the knight in armor riding straight for it. It's rare to find like minded souls who truly 'feel' the same as you do, and when you can combine forces with them to make a difference, there is no possible way to say no. I cannot wait to help, in any capacity possible.