Josh Curran aka josh_guys

Name: Josh Curran aka josh_guys

Location: Oxnard, Ca.

Job: Volunteer at The Young and Brave Studio Grip @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

Biggest Challenge: My biggest Challenge is not taking chances on things I'm truly passionate about. Seizing every opportunity put in front of me... Stepping in My comfort zone!

Perfect Day: My Perfect day would be an Amazing day at the beach, hanging with family and friends, surfing and grubbing til the sun goes down.

Last Purchase: New Car Audi

Movie: Top Gun

Why the Young & Brave Foundation: I feel it's important to help friends, families, and loved ones who are in need of financial help. This Foundation through the power of community can do great things for people caught in a situation beyond their control. A place where you can see your money help the ones in need, not a huge corporation that you have no say where your donation goes! Find a Young Brave Warrior to support and feel good about your donation!