When we started this foundation it has always been something we loved, to send a welcoming package to our new Warriors. We have always sent them a hat, tee and some stickers to bring them into our Warrior family. We  then started thinking it be great to create something for our Warriors that our Young Brave community and local business could be a part of. 

Since this idea could end up creating some costs not only with the product but the shipping costs as well. We thought how about letting our community or local businesses donate either product that will go in these packages or donate to cover the cost of fulfilling and shipping a complete package to a Warrior. Having a package show up on your door step out of nowhere has a massive impact. They know that an army of people are loving and supporting them through this fight!

Our Warrior Gift Boxes are a new addition to the foundation. We are super excited about this program and the possibility of partnering with some great companies to give our Warriors an unexpected gift for this new journey ahead.

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