Why me?

IMG_8083I am originally from Puerto Rico and in June 2013, I went to back to the island for my best friend’s wedding. Luckily, I had an itch to go to the dermatologist to get a skin repair face lotion, because I was always in the sun and I wanted to get rid of the dark spots on my face. Right before the doctor was writing my prescription I told my doctor that recently I noticed a new mole on my right thigh that had a weird glow to it. Every time I went to the bathroom I would stare at it and I knew that mole was different from my other moles. The mole was smaller than a pimple and blue black. The doctor said that he wants to remove it to make sure he examines it because I live in California.

A week later, since I was under my mom’ medical insurance, the doctor’s secretary called my mom with confidential information. My mom freaked out and started asking what was wrong with me but because of the HIPPA law they refused to tell my mom what was going on. She didn’t give up she drove to the doctor’s office within the hour and beg them to tell her what’s going on, and they did. I am glad they did. After being shocked for an hour she decided to call my boyfriend to tell him whats going on because she wanted to relay the news the calmest way possible because she was too emotional. After she talked to him, she decided to tell me.

When she told me the news, I was shocked and speechless, and I hung up the phone. 5 minutes later I started crying. I didn’t understand what was going on nor I wanted to believe what was going on. It was like a lucid nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from. A week later I went back to Puerto Rico, and had the opportunity to see the best oncologist in the island. The oncologist was very calm because he had worst cases than mine, he was very optimistic and practical but I still couldn’t digest the severity of it. Then he said, that we can go into surgery 3 days later to remove skin to make sure he removes all the cancer. However, he explained that until that surgery happens and I get the results I wouldn’t know it the cancer had spread. After that visit and a couple of doctor appointments before the surgery, I wasn’t mentally there. I barely spoke or ate. I was crying a lot. My family too, but the kept it together to provide the support I needed.

July 15, 2013 was my surgery. All my family was there and my friends were continuously calling my mom to make sure I was stable. 3 weeks later I received the pathologist results and they were “MARGIN FREE.” I was so RELIEVED. I really thank God and my family to help me defeat this horrible sickness, without them I don’t think I would’ve made it. Their love and support kept me optimistic and gave me sanity, love wins, and love definitely defeats cancer.

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