Rising Above the Odds


Still Renegotiating Life


Karen’s Leukemia


Keegan Doheney

Hey guys, my name is Keegan Doheney and I have stood up and beat cancer not only once, but twice. Looking at me today, nobody would ever guess my c

Shell (2) vs. Melanoma (0)


Fight for my Daughter

Just as I was finishing my Graduate studies as a nurse practitioner I noticed that I wasn’t feeling myself. I went to my Dr requesting labs f

Why me?

I am originally from Puerto Rico and in June 2013, I went to back to the island for my best friend’s wedding. Luckily, I had an itch to go to

Living not just Existing

At the age of 23 my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was on the verge of what I thought was the beginning of my adu