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By sharing your story of survival you can inspire countless others who are currently experiencing the same fight for their lives.
GOD Is Good!!

Johnny Ramos Jr.

Un Dia A La Vez

Jessica Saldana

The Power of Positivity

Laurie MacCaskill

Relapsing to Amputation

Elijah Kris

A Beautiful Inspiration

Tessa Snyder


Jerrell Grimes

20 Years on …..

Rich Mason

Cancer is Powerless


A Story of Living

Ceci Frost

Cancer may take my breasts and my hair but I would keep my lipstick and heels. I would keep my style and I WOULD find a way to feel beautiful despite it all.

Anna Crollman

Troy Woods

Troy Woods

Cancer sucks, but the first syllable in Cancer is CAN, it can be beat.

Cece Sisneros

With Hope, The Odds Don’t Matter.

Heather Von St. James

Love Heals ALL

Elizabeth Burchenal

Melanie Oberkrom

Melanie Oberkrom

Mateus Andrade

Mateus Andrade

Kanan La Secla

Kanan La Secla

My Winning Fight

Robyn White

Fight Fiercly

Corrine Lussier

Brooke Young

Brooke Young

Never let Cancer Define you!

Kasie Lynne

Rising Above the Odds

Jennifer Moeckel

Still Renegotiating Life

Colleen Marlett

Karen’s Leukemia

Karen Mackall

Keegan Doheney

Keegan Doheney

Shell (2) vs. Melanoma (0)

Shell Saurer

Volleyball Isn’t Life…but it saved mine twice!

Elizabeth Ferguson

Fight for my Daughter


Why me?

Lorena Alexandra Gomez

Living not just Existing

Viridiana Hernandez

“Don’t worry, only 5% end up being cancerous”

Liz Buie

#KickingCancer With a Little Help From My Friends

Eric Glynn

Proverbs 31:25

Tanya Rochell

one year later…

Meghan Morin

Third chance at really Living

Denise Rea

Sarah Hagen

Sarah Hagen

Surviving in Style

Rachel Park

My Courageous fight

Kaitlyn Hanna


Jessica Quinn

A story from England

Rich Mason

Fight without fear, Love without limits.

Rafael Casas

Making the word cancer into a positive

Mallory Turchi


Riley Benado

Jaden Pang

Jaden Pang

Jojo’s Journey

Joanna Clarke

A New Fight

Brittany Alvarado

My Story

Julie Goneau


Nancy Flint

Turning a negative diagnosis into a positive journey

Alix McNeely


Michelle Kernagis

My scary experience

Connor Coughenour


Maya Graham

The Grateful Sophie

Anne-Sophie Camille Zimmer

The Big Sea

Richie Lovett

Kari Kicks Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Kari Rote Andreano

The Long Defeat

Brendan McGeown

I used to dream about living, now I’m living my dreams

Timothy Lawson

Mal’s Miracle

Mallory Turchi

A Cancer Warrior’s Story

Sara Krish

Keep fighting

Ashley Hudson

Holding My Breath

Jessica Lindenberg